Machine Quilting

2019 Holiday deadline: Quilts with a Christmas deadline need to be dropped off by November 16. (No rush orders for holiday deadlines.) You can continue to bring in quilts with no completion deadline anytime! We appreciate your understanding!

Machine quilting is a fast and inexpensive alternative to time consuming, costly hand-quilting for any size quilt top. When your quilt top is ready to be assembled we can help you choose the best free-motion or template quilting design to finish your project. $35 Minimum Fee

Pantograph Quilting Design - Choose from our large selection of patterns ranging from .017 to .033 cents per square inch.  We are always willing to take time to help you choose the perfect pattern for your quilt!

To estimate your cost, multiply the measurements of your piece by the price of your chosen design: Length x Width x Price

  • Basic density designs .02 per square inch

  • Medium density designs .026 per square inch

  • Dense designs .033 per square inch

Binding Services - We are happy to help you complete your project by offering multiple options for binding your quilt. Prices below are listed in cents per linear inch. To estimate your cost, add the measurements of all 4 sides of your piece and multiply the total by the price of your chosen binding option below. There is a $10 flat fee if we make your binding, plus the cost of attaching it.

  • Customer sends prepared binding and we attach it to the quilt for the customer to complete -.05
  • We make binding ($10) and send it to the customer with the quilt for customer to complete -.05/inch
  • We make binding ($10) and sew it to the front of the quilt for customer to complete - .08/inch
  • We attach and machine stitch the customer’s prepared binding to the quilt - .08/inch
  • We make ($10), attach, and machine stitch the binding to the quilt- .15/inch
  • We make($10), attach and hand sew the binding to the quilt - .35/inch

Other Services - We provide batting, basting, and backing in addition to our machine quilting and binding services.  (Additional fees apply.)

  • $35 Rush Fee
  • $35 Basting Fee
  • $5 Ironing Fee
  • $5 Fee Per Backing Seam (If we piece your backing)
  • $10 Quilt Prep Fee (Trim top threads)
  • $1 Fee - Per Hole - for Quilt Top Repair
  • $10 Fee SBQ Makes Binding


** Please square off and even the ends of your backing before bringing your quilt to  be quilted.  If we must take the time to do it for you we will be adding a $5 fee.

**If you plan to folding over your backing to use as binding, please tell us in advance!

**If you do not want you're quilt trimmed after quilting, please tell us in advance!





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